Project Description

New multifamily residential development located in the attractive and very active Burk Mountain Coquitlam neighborhood. The design process includes Rezoning from the existing RSI to RM4/CD, for 8  new Row houses and 5 single family houses Development in line with the current Coquitlam development plan. The development proposal is to accommodate a total of 12 Residential units which vary in size and type as follows:

  • Three 3-BDR single family houses + Secondary 1-BDR suite
  • Two 4-BDR + office – single family houses + Secondary 1-BDR suite
  • Eight 3-BDR + office – row houses

All row houses have their access from Roxton Ave, and are provided with three parking spaces through the rear lane. And all the townhouses have their access from the interior courtyard. Each one also has a large balcony on its main level.