Canal Flats

Flats Street, Canal Flats
Regional District of East Kootney
British Columbia, Canada

Located at the southern end of Columbia Lake, Kootney, the lesser known village town of Canal Flats will undergo large scale developments and turn into a more interactive, economical, and resourceful community for residents and visitors. As the Canal Flats County proceed with economic fruition, significant scaling is expected. Having had a mere 600 inhabitants in 2016, the proposed new developments are set to attract exponentially higher amounts of residents, passersby’s, and tourists.

The proposed condominium within the proposed large scale development is equipped with 74 residential units spanning across 3 levels, all with sufficient storage and parking for residents. There are four variants to the units; however all follow a sleek, simple, and efficient design. The proposal offers spacious 1 BDR + Den, 2 BDR, 2 BDR + Den, and 3 BDR units. In addition, the proposal includes luxurious amenities such as a formal dance hall/studio, fitness centre, and swimming pool. The central entertainment of the neighborhood is adjacent to Canal Flats condominiums.

East Kootney, BC

Multifamily residential
Master planning