Quality control of services is a vital aspect during each phase of the project.  During the design phase, we institute quality assurance procedures for design control, design verification, internal audits, multi-disciplinary team communication strategies along with a document control process to assure the accurate distribution of information. Design quality is achieved through a consultative process incorporating the entire team and the project manager. Prior to presentations, concepts are discussed with and reviewed by the project manager in order to ensure design integrity, value engineering and constructability.

The preparation of contract documents is a thorough process involving the revision of each component by at least one member of the appropriate consultant team before a final review by the relevant project principal. By tapping into the design team’s extensive experience, a comprehensive cost/schedule/risk management plan is developed, that exposes any areas that may pose particular risks or conversely, areas that present an opportunity to capitalize on favorable developments. This plan will be continually reviewed and updated with the necessary reports and cost estimates produced and delivered to all parties involved.

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