As prime consultants and Coordinating Registered professionals, we help our clients make better decisions about how they support their people, position their businesses and manage their assets during the constriction period

Our past success with respect to bringing projects in on time is in large part due to the establishment of realistic milestones to aim for. A Critical Path Method Network (CPM) in conjunction with a Master Project Schedule is prepared, that encompass all aspects of information gathering, analysis, concept design, design development, outside agency approvals, user input, construction documents, bid packages reviews/approvals, construction, commissioning and close-outs. This schedule is reviewed in detail by the entire team and is an important tool in examining the impact of the alternative solutions being considered.

We prepare a joint list of items that are reviewed at the on site construction inception meeting where we discuss everyone’s role during the construction phase, including the procedures and protocols for field reviews and shop drawing reviews. At this point, we specifically draw attention to any and all key design elements and design assumptions that may affect the sequence of construction in the future. We use computerized software to control the processing of shop drawings and frequently review a representative quantity for each of the components composing the building. We issue monthly construction review reports, in a closed loop format so that noted deficiencies can be followed up on and corrected, that summarize and highlight the construction activity during that period.

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