1828 Condo

Multifamily Condo development

This multifamily condo development consists of 4 residential levels with 57 units of various suite layouts to benefit the needs of a wide variety of homeowners. The unit types include: 1 BDR + Den, 2 BDR + Den, and 3 BDR homes. The underground area contains residential and visitor parking, and sufficient bicycle and utility/storage space.

The proposed building layout has allowed us to create an open, inviting, and green space for residents. In addition to the green inner yards branching off our main level, an atmosphere of relaxation is present on top of the 3952.8 sq.ft rooftop patio. This spacious, green rooftop patio will invite residents to enjoy, entertain, and relax.

Port Coquitlam, BC

Multifamily residential