Through heritage preservation we acknowledge that the layers of history provide interest and vitality to the built environment. Historic buildings have enduring architectural and cultural qualities that cannot be replicated today. Bringing new life and purpose to old buildings is a challenging and rewarding task, not to mention a fundamental pursuit of sustainable design.  By reinterpreting buildings for contemporary purposes, we keep alive a vital link with the past and blend new and old in the fabric of urban life.

Our process is comprehensive, beginning with research to evaluate the original design and current condition, followed by extensive planning to ensure that the historic value of the building will be preserved and celebrated. By preserving important buildings, we recognize and protect the craftsmanship of previous generations, while creatively and sensitively providing for contemporary life safety, accessibility and other systems that allow the building to function for contemporary uses.

We strive to balance sensitive design with technological innovation to offer the most effective and enduring solution for each unique project.

heritage preservation

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