• Programming & Space Planning
  • Interior Architectural Design / Detailing and Documentation
  • Furniture/Furnishings Selection / Documentation / Specification
  • Graphic Design

JKa believes that the thru interior design and Space Planning goes far beyond superficial styling. Since the ability to be healthy, happy, and productive depends upon the spaces where we live, work and play the design of interior environments has a tremendous impact on its occupants. It is a skilled allocation of physical resources that increase your efficiency and express your unique culture. When well aligned, these qualities can improve productivity, profitability and morale.

We design interior spaces with purpose and meaning, exceeding pragmatic expectations of efficiency and sustainability and inspiring each user. We begin by asking questions: Does your environment support your mission and programs? What are the unique needs of your people? How can design improve your efficiency, health and happiness?We listen to our clients to understand their organizations, designing world-class corporate headquarters, restaurants, hotels, opera houses, classrooms, and, even, nuclear research laboratories. We see design as an elegant form of problem solving, and we are constantly refining our methods through research and knowledge sharing between design teams

A successful interior design solution is creative, environmentally progressive and creates a lasting impact unique to the clients’ mission.

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