JKA holistic practice includes a wide range of design services including pre-design analysis, complete architectural design and construction-related services. Our diverse and experienced staff engages at every scale and in each step of the design and construction process: from working with local authorities on land use issues to incorporating advanced sustainability principles, or identifying new building materials to devising efficient delivery methods. We know that good architecture and successful design comes from an open, collaborative, and enjoyable engagement with our clients and project teams.

Focusing on an integrated approach to problem solving which includes teaming our clients with the best and brightest consultants, we create teams with a collaborative approach to design.

JKA team explores a building from the inside out, as well as from the outside in, ensuring that the human experience—our primary focus—is what shapes the design. We celebrate the unique cultural and natural context of each place, seeking design solutions that are both fitting and timeless.

Within the realities of project schedules and costs, we deliver solutions that meet our clients’ fundamental needs while giving form to their highest aspirations and dreams.

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