ECO on the drive

ECO on the Drive

New high end townhouse development in a trendy Commercial Drive area, targeting young professionals incorporating the latest industry and technology innovations as well as great amount of sustainable design practices and systems.

Each townhouse contain three levels: ground level is mainly parking services and a recreational room; main level – all living area and 2 bedrooms on the second level. The main level is with wide open layout as kitchens are floating into the living areas and then in outdoor patios .Despite the limited square footage of the units all two bedrooms are with two bathrooms, one being ensuite, allowing maximum flexibility for the potential owners. The space robbing hallways are reduced to the minimum and glass panels are replacing the regular stud walls.

Each unit has a small private ground level garden accessible directly trough recreation room as well as private roof deck patio overlooking downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver, BC

Multifamily residential