• Analysis and Evaluation
  • Programming
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Economic Analysis
  • Code Compliance and Review

These are but a few of the JKA services that explore the means to deliver clients’ needs and aspirations. Feasibility studies, site analysis, programming and Land planning processes begin at the data gathering phase and continue through pre-design programming, conditions analysis and subsequent recommendations.  A thorough analysis of all relevant factors to be taken into account is made in order to test the extent of constraints, the potentials of the site, space program, available building technology, sustainability and the means of utilizing the budget to maximum effect.

Feasibility studies and Strategic Planning is a cost-effective method of maximizing the efficiency and productivity of a company’s real estate holdings. Working with a multi-disciplined client team, we analyze the client’s Strategic Plan, Business Plan, constraints and resources to provide “what if” scenarios for optimum decision making.

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