Lotus – The Heritage Landings

The proposed development involves conservation and adaptive reuse of the three heritage houses relocated to the front of the site facing 8th street and construction of a new 6-storey residential condo building at the rear with two levels of underground parking. The house at 809 Fourth Avenue will be relocated alongside 406 Eighth Street and will face Eighth Street. A driveway between these two houses will form an entry walkway for the project. Accessible from both 8th St and 4th Ave, with unobstructed and easy access to services and a place reserved to provide the users with a space for leisure and outdoor activities. This project comprises a total area of 110,000 sf for condo, 7,000 sf heritage and 50,000 sf of parking space.

Heritage values:
Brown, Dill and Kleiber Residences
406 and 408 Eighth Street
809 Fourth Avenue, New Westminster, B.C.

The Brown, Dill and Kleiber Residences date from the early twenti­eth century and are excellent examples of typical modest domestic architecture of the region and period. The three houses together embody the historic character of lower mainland residential neighborhoods.

New Westminster, BC