Godfrey Residence

The proposed development involves conservation and adaptive reuse of the original GODFREY RESIDENCE in North Vancouver as well as subdivision of the original lot in order to accommodate a new single family home.

Heritage values:

“This is one of the last houses known to have been designed by the talented Thomas Hooper (1857-1935), a leading British Columbia architect for many years. Prior to the First World War, Hooper had the largest architectural practice in Western Canada. From 1915 to 1927 he lived in New York, and this was one of the few buildings that he designed after he returned to Vancouver. It was designed for the family of Katharine Jane (Tennant) Godfrey, Hooper’s niece, and her husband, Morley Godfrey, and their three children. In 1926, Katharine had contracted tuberculosis, and the only known cure was a high altitude and bed rest. The Tenants acquired this 7/8 of an acre property high up Prospect Road, and in 1928 Hooper designed the house.”

North Vancouver, BC