Anytime FitnessJordan Kutev Architecture Inc. designed the Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam ‘Anytime Fitness’ franchise locations. Their intent was for the lighting to have a ‘slick’ aesthetic appeal that feels bright and visually comfortable to the patrons using the space, while also being energy efficient since the facility is open 24 hours a day. Their client had tight lighting requirements in terms of lead times and budget so they chose to use Ledalite Sync suspended indirect/direct luminaires throughout the open ceiling spaces and Arcform LED 2’x2′ luminaires in their dropped tbar ceilings. Both products are designed around Ledalite’s proprietary MesoOptics technology that allows luminaires to be placed futher apart on center and maintain an evenly lit glow across the lens that is easy on the eyes when viewed from below.

Ledalite is a BC based company and offers both Sync and Arcform products as part of their 10-day quickship program at an affordable price so it was an easy decision for Anytime Fitness to use these luminaires in their spaces. The feedback from the franchise owner is that the space “looks amazing” and that they and their business mentor were “thoroughly impressed’ with the lighting.”


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