TD Bank

TD Bank

The Ocean Park Shopping plaza is the local community shopping Centre combining a variety of shopping, services and hospitality amenities including a large Safeway, several banks, offices, pub and coffee shops.

The introduction of the TD Bank building is a complimentary addition to the neighborhood and enhances the shopping plaza services. The fundamental design concept of the project is the creation of a new building while adhering blending with the existing site and adjacent building structures. It is located at 128 Street and 16 Avenue with the Main Entry at 128 Street.

2016 Fraser Valley Commercial Building Awards nomination:

The TD Bank project is one of the candidates for the 2016 Fraser Valley Commercial Building Awards with the following specifics:

  • Commercial building with a unique design to signify and integrate with surrounding plaza
  • The building signage design creates a ‘landmark’ effect for the plaza
  • Contributes to economic sustainability and development of the area including employment opportunities
  • Sustainable building envelope principles to:
    • Foster low energy consumption
    • Utilize sustainable and renewable materials

Surrey, BC

Mixed Use / Commercial / Offices