///Cloverdale Industrial Park

Cloverdale Industrial Park

Project Description

Master plan for New Industrial park intended to facilitate the vast demand of shipping and distribution facilities along the busy Cloverdale area. The proposed masterplan consists of 6 separate buildings;  some of the buildings are designed for a large single tenant which include a large warehouse, shipping  and distribution area totaling to approximately 50,000 – 60,000 sf and a smaller auxiliary office wing of about 15,000 sf. Included, is also a large outdoor storage areas. Others are designed for smaller strata units, each one between 4,000 – 5,000 sf with upper levels office/ mezzanines.

Total Industrial park area: 240,000 sf

Total site area:  880,000 sf (8 ha)

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Project Details


5452 - 176th Street


Surrey, BC Canada


880,000 sf (8 ha)