Freybe Gourmet Foods

Freybe Gourmet Foods (Tenant Improvement)

The original Freybe Gourmet Foods Plant was opened in May of 2001 as a state-of-the-art facility geared towards optimum food safety and quality. One of the largest was the new addition of Hyperbaric High Pressure room and mezzanine Project involving design, construction and installations. Being the first on the West Coast, the specialized facility with Hyperbaric High Pressure equipment was delivered from Barcelona, Spain. Team challenges were systems performance designs, authority’s coordination and approvals including CFAI Canada food inspection agency, CSI and Fraser health as well as European standards and approvals. The Freybe specialty meat packing plant is an environmentally responsible, open production system with a unique modern design; most production areas are visible from an upper visitor’s deck.

In 2014 the plant was purchased by Premium Brands / Richmond.

Langley, BC

Industrial Food processing